• Moving To A Different State: 5 Top Moving Tips
    Feb 19,2021 — By Connie Uy


    When deciding to move state, the first emotion you experience is likely to be excitement (we dont blame you!). Then, the fear normally follows. Things will go wrong, you will need to plan extensively, and you might get bored of labelling items. However, there are some things you can do to relieve the pressure and make the experience a little more bearable.


    Below, weve listed five top tips for moving state and not losing your childs favorite toy or that special gift from a close friend!



    1. Consider Pricing Plans Closely


    When moving some distance away, youre probably calling in the help of a moving company. Before signing any contract, compare the market extensively and make sure you understand the fees fully (the last thing you want is a hidden expense ruining your move!). Read the small print, ask around, and remember that some expenses may be tax deductible when moving for work; we recommend talking to a CPA to check the latter.


    2. Lose Items Aggressively


    We understand, throwing out items that have been a part of your home for some time can be emotional. We recommend asking one question over and over again; do we really need it?


    To limit costs, be ruthless with your possessions and only keep what you really need. Not only can losing some DVDs and old clothing save space on the truck, you can also raise funds by selling them (either online or with a yard sale). With regards to large items, like furniture, will it be cheaper to invest in new ones than transport them; this is especially true for those who have held onto sofas and chairs for many years.


    3. Consider Dates


    If it isnt too late already, we recommend being flexible with dates because prices will vary depending on the time of year. Of course, Labor Day, July 4th, and other holidays tend to be more expensive. On a general note, the months between May and September are costlier than October to April.


    Remember, the cost will increase the farther afield youre going. Even with a six-hour car trip, this can take nine hours with a huge moving truck (speed also decreases when towing a car).


    4. Check Insurance


    If you have homeowners insurance, be aware that some policies will have moving insurance (make sure you ask for full-value insurance). With full-value insurance, you will get a check to replace any items broken in the moving process. Considering that youre moving expensive TVs and wardrobes, this extra cover is well worthwhile.


    5. Label, List and Photograph Everything


    Finally, help potential insurance claims by taking photographs of expensive items. If theres any debate when you claim, you can prove their initial condition with these pictures. Also, label all boxes with sticky dots to avoid confusion at the other end.


    With these simple tips, you can make moving easier than ever before - even if you’re travelling half-way across the country!