• 3 Brilliant Home Staging Tools
    Feb 03,2021 — By Developer

    When it comes to selling a home, one of the worst things you can do is have empty walls and rooms. There’s a certain advantage to allowing prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the home, but you don’t want the property to look like a deserted warehouse. As a result, real estate agents will suggest home staging.


    Just as the name suggests, home staging is all about presenting the home in a way that allows prospective buyers to get an insight into life in the property. If the home doesn’t look attractive, you will be the real loser because you won’t be able to compete with homes that do stage correctly.



    Before anything else, we want to clear up a misconception; you have to spend lots of money. No, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, you could be harming yourself by putting expensive items on show because they can go missing and damaged (things you won’t take to your new home will also go to waste!). Instead, you can do home staging correctly without breaking the bank.


    You might think that these three items are incredibly simple, but we promise you they work. By introducing them to your home, you’re making the place more attractive. With just a few dollars, you make your home more inviting and increase the chance of making that important sale.


    Flameless Candles



    If you’re looking to add some character and warmth to your home, one of the best ways is through LED flameless candles. Whether you choose them on the fireplace or outside (or both), they will make the room look inviting. Especially in winter when it’s dark outside, the viewers will imagine themselves cuddling up with loved ones, a hot chocolate, and a good book.


    If you have a porch area with a small table outside, these candles will work well here too.


    Fake Plants


    Want to add life but without all the hassle that comes with it? Why not choose a simple fake fern? Although fake plants were noticeable many years ago, they look better than ever these days with improved materials and design. Not only can you add color to a room, you also draw attention towards particular features. They tend to work well around the home, but we recommend them especially in the family room and living areas.



    Art Prints (Chic)


    Finally, you can replace the family photos and personal mementos with a large chic art print. Maybe you feel as though the walls are clattered in the living area? You can replace it all with a single print. Although they might be cute, real estate agents always recommend taking personal photos down in order to sell the home.


    With these three home staging tips, it might just make the difference between success and failure. Rather than having lots of viewings with no results, it’s time to stage the home correctly and generate real interest in your home!